All around us we have media, celebrities and personally known role-models influencing our choices of who we want to be, what we buy, do, eat and how
we live.

Yet, there is a new awakening around
the world that we need to question who
is in charge of our lives? And where
are we heading towards as a
civilization? This conference is focused
on how we can take charge of our
choices and find  happiness and
fulfillment along with a sustainable good life; and on how we wish to influence
the world around us as change agents.

Contact Us:

Bhoomi Network for Sustainable Living
No.70, Chikkanayakanahalli, Off Sarjapura Road, Bangalore-560035.
Ph: +91-80-28441173, +91-9243460658, +91-80-65734043,

  1. If you have been engaging in eco-friendly activity of any kind,this conference is a place where you can inspire and support others by making short presentations about your work.

    Contact us before 31stDecember 2010 at

  1. If you wish to spearhead the creation of consciousness about sustainable living in your school/ college/organization or family, you will find many like-minded people and resources to learn from.

  2. If you have had some concerns about climate change, destruction of bio-diversity, chemicals in food and agriculture, pollution of water and air etc., you can connect with others who have devoted themselves to understand these phenomena and act on their convictions.

For Students, Teachers and Life-long Learners…

The 1st Bhoomi Conference was held in December 2009 and attended by over 700 people.

The first 4 issues of the ‘Eternal Bhoomi’ magazine have put us in touch with several people who wish to join in a mission of education and awareness building of sustainable living.

The 2nd Bhoomi Conference is a space for all of us not only to learn from each other but also to celebrate the joy of networking and working together for a common cause.

  1.  Taking Charge

    of our Lives...
  1.  What’s in it

    for you?

  1.   For Whom?

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors we borrow it from our children.”
- Native American proverb

Kabira! By Bharathi Balakrishnan and other events…’

The conference includes a Learning Partnerships Space where you can interact with eco-heroes individually